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Greetings Integrians!
Just a quick update before the big release of The World R:2.5 tomorrow; It looks like CC Corporation has sent out another message detailing the hottest topic on every patron's mouth! We here at Integrability had the privilege of receiving the announcement just moments ago, and from the looks of it things seem to be getting in place for this gigantic event.
Here, have a look for yourselves:

Dear Patrons of The World,
First off we would like to thank you all for purchasing the new software for The World. However, many know it’s not just another game. VMMORPGs have been given a chance to breathe new life into our busy lives and we want to make The World an enjoyable experience for everyone. We hope many of you who have lived in The World come back and we are always excited to see new players log in and start a brand new journey. Knowing that, we would like to mention a few game updates that everyone has eagerly been waiting for.
First, the game has gone through a massive overhaul of the Class system. Each player may choose one of the five starting classes to begin with. As you grow and explore, you will find events that will lead to job extending and path options for your current class. Taking a job extension makes you a powerful asset and overcome the new monsters and bosses roaming The World. Combat has been tweaked for more fluid gaming experience as well as new skills that offer beautiful, yet subtly stunning graphics. The game engine has been updated as well for fluid and real time game play without the cause of lag.
Character models are now fully optimized and updated; we offer a huge selection of choices to deck out your character in while maintaining the three weight classes we have prepared armor in. Consumables and accessories have been updated and a list can be found on the Official Website. Because of the support from our team, we are proud to announce the official launch of the game starting midnight as we kick off Mac Anu with a special event. The World is about to open the gates to a new fantastical place full of adventure, quests, new beasts and bosses, fields and dungeons and let’s not forget the most important thing… You, the Patrons of The World!
Here at CC Corporation we thank you! There is much more we added to The World that hasn't been mentioned and you can find all the latest information in our recent update of the Patch Notes located at the url right below this paragraph.…
We hope you enjoy The World R:2.5 as much as we have enjoyed creating this wonderful experience.
CC Corporation

But wait! That isn't all. Apparently Mac Anu will be the epicenter of the largest party that The World has every seen. Stemming from Mac Anu's own central district, CC Corporation is throwing a massive celebration of The World's monumental return according to that announcement and recent reports. They are giving our prizes, and bonuses to all users who log on during November 1st from midnight Pacific Standard Time on until 11:59 Pacific Standard Time that evening! Make sure to be there along side us as we take part in the festivities, and give it our first go in the new revision!
So definitely exciting times ahead for us patrons! Stay with us as we wait and watch to see what CC Corporation will do as we near zero hour, and the beginning of a new Chapter for The World.
Thank you for reading everyone. Hope to see you all soon in The World soon!
Hello Integrians!

We here at Integrability hope that you all have been doing great, and do apologize for the delay in the annual monthly update last month. However, it seems that we've had gigantic things come up between this month and the last such as the official announcement of The World R:2.5 from CC Corporation, finding out what really caused The World R:2 to mysteriously go offline, and big events in the offline roleplay too even.

Speaking of which, in the offline roleplay it looks like we've had some steamy dealings with Kordello and the ever popular Hannah. The two put up a great show, posting almost daily to make up what made for amazingly intimate banter as well as some much needed comic relief. So our applause goes out to those two for doing such an excellent job and really spicing things up. Great job you two! On the other hand the fight continues as unknown assailants begin to attack Kyomi and Tsunami. It seems that the two have it under control though as Kyomi made her way up to the snipers that had been firing at them, helping Tsunami's friend take them out from the rooftops. Tsunami on the other hand is fighting hard, raging against hordes of enemies and standing his ground all on his own, but seems to not be doing so hot. So we'll just have to wait and see how that all pans out. Exciting stuff though!

In other news, it looks like CC Corporation has finally released their Official Website for The World R:2.5, along with many little fun tidbits of information relating to the game itself. What was most interesting though was the Pre-Launch Patch Notes that the corporation put out and the announcement of an official release date for The World R:2.5. You can find both of the links to those articles at the bottom of this update.

As we look on toward that November 1st release date, and all of the changes that have apparently been made to this revision of The World we just can't help but be excited. It seems that CC Corporation has out done themselves this time and we couldn't be more thrilled, and we hope that you all are just as excited!

Anyhow, we hope you all have a wonderful month and that we see you at the release party in Mac Anu on November 1st. Until then!

Patch Notes:…
Release Date:…
Special Update - Announcing The World R:2.5!

Gigantic news out of CC Corporation Integrians! It looks like "The World" is coming back after all!

It was just a few days ago CC Corporation held a news conference about what happened with "The World" R:2, letting us know that indeed it was a technical malfunction that lead to the demise of our beloved online sanctuary. In fact you can still find the report on the News Capture feed here… if you're interested in the scoop. It was a sad day indeed though, and it looked as if The World truly wasn't going to be back anytime soon. However, recently we received a very interesting email from CC Corporation. It seems as if their little project that they affectionately had named "The Twilight" wasn't just smoke and mirrors after all. From what we got out of it not only will The World be back, they are making an entirely new revision! Here, check out the email we received from them:

Sender: CC Corporation
Subject: Announcing The World R:2.5!

Dear Patron of The World,

It was Shigeru Miyamoto who said that "Players are artists who create their own reality within the game." We took this quote to heart when creating "The World". When we heard of the terrible news that "The World", the canvas of which our players paint a picture of their perfect reality, had been stolen away from them we were shocked. We wanted to know how something like this could have happened of course, but more than that we wanted to know how we here at CC Corporation could fix this, and possibly even build from this tragic incident? So we began to think, to design, to work in the scope of an artists mind, and of our players minds, to create something magnificent. Something that you as patrons of " The World" could appreciate playing, and having as your vision of your perfect reality as much as we humbly appreciated to create such a medium for those dreams to be explored.

Collin Powell once said that "A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work." As we looked forward to what the future held for "The World" and it's players we kept this quote in our minds and hearts. We took it to its purest, most basic meaning in creating our newest masterpiece, our newest canvas for our players to work with. We poured our hearts and souls into it, and finally after so long are proud to announce to you all that it has paid off wonderfully.

With out further adieu, we would like to officially announce the upcoming release of The World R:2.5, the next chapter of the popular online video game "The World".

It is our honor as well as our privilege to invite you all to join us [one month] from now in the center of the Root Town, Mac Anu, for a special release day celebration. So lets commemorate "The World", our canvas in which we paint our reality, and celebrate its return in the best way that we know how to. Lets take back our twilight dream.

Needless to say at Integrability we are incredibly excited about this turn of events. CC Corporation once again has sprung from the ashes of defeat and out done themselves. Given the context of the announcement, we can't be entirely certain, but we imagine that we may hear more about this turn of events soon enough. So stick around and join us as we watch to see what exactly CC Corporation has in store for the newest revision of "The World"!

**NOTE: This is announcement is solely meant as an announcement for the upcoming "The World R:2.5" roleplay on Integrability ( It is in no way an official game release, or otherwise from CyberConnect2 or its subsidiaries. We apologize if this has caused any confusion, but still would like to invite you all to join us [one month] from now as we delve into the mysteries of this new and exciting .hack inspired roleplay. Thank you all for your continued support!
Hello Everyone!

We apologize for not getting in touch sooner but due to circumstances beyond our control we were unable to. As some of you may have noticed Integrability has been offline for about a week, undergoing maintenance and upgrades to the system. Thankfully, I can officially announce that we are back up and running, ready to face a new era of dotHack fandom with certainty! We do apologize for the brief interruption in service, and we hope that you will join us once more as our ever loving fans, and patrons of Integrability as well as "The World".

Before you go though, something that I would like to point out is that due to the maintenance, and upgrades we sadly had to overhaul much of the data on the server. That being said most of the posts on Integrability, and many of our accounts had to be sacrificed. This however gives us a rare chance to take a brand new step toward a new future for Integrability as well as a new future for what you can do as a user on Integrability ultimately. So we invite you to return to our humble corner of the web, re-register your account if need be, and embark on a new chapter of Integrability with us.

Thank you for all of your patience and support. We hope to see you all back on Integrability!

Integrability Administration
Extra, Extra! Read all about it! News from the offline home-front, fresh off the press!

It would seem things are just beginning to heat up in the offline roleplay with the addition of a few old, but new faces added to the fold such as Piros the Third and Tsunami Silver Dragon who have rejoined our ranks, among others who have returned. On top of that it seems things have taken a crazy turn for one of our players, Kite, who seems to have gotten a message from a man who she would call a ghost and a job opportunity from the last person she'd have ever expected! Nutty, huh? Be sure to follow along and get all the details as they unfold in the Offline Roleplay!…

Sadly however, there is a bit of tragic news; 3v1Lt33N!37iFf's character Tiffany passed away due to complications from her icy fate in the cold grips of the AIDA virus after 14 years of being a part of the roleplay. She will be remembered, and missed dearly. As they say though, with the ending of one chapter comes the beginning of a new one. Who knows what might be in store for us! Make sure to follow along and find out.

In other news, News Capture's Mitsuki Yoshida released a new report giving details that might shed some light on what is happening at CC Corporation and the mysteries behind "The World" R:2. This was the report:


In a recent mass email to all users of The World, CC Corporation stated that the servers have been taken offline for an indefinite amount of time due to technical difficulties. An interview had provided an explanation. There had been a malfunction with the cooling system, which inadvertently caused their entire system to overheat. When asked how all of there servers could have the same malfunction, they began to change the subject.

Unfortunately, CC Corporation seems unsure as to what damage, if any, this has done to the data that is stored on these servers. However they quickly promised to release more information as they continue their investigation and assessment. Users of the popular online title can only lay in wait, and hope for the best.

This has been Mitsuki Yoshida for News Capture, signing off.


Certainly strange indeed! What could CC Corporation be up to? Why give us such a weak excuse? Could it perhaps be the real reason? We'll just have to wait and find out! Until then keep checking back as we cover news on "The Twilight" and the Offline Roleplay as it progresses!
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